Everybody Made The Same (Pretty Funny) Joke About Brendon Urie And Panic! At The Disco After The ‘Band’ Broke Up

Yesterday (January 24), Brendon Urie announced that Panic! At The Disco was coming to an end after 19 years. While most people probably remember Panic as the four-piece band behind the top-10 hit “I Write Sins Not Tragedies,” the project has undergone a number of lineup changes. Ever since the 2016 album Death Of A Bachelor, Panic has actually been a solo project featuring only Urie.

In his announcement, Urie did not call Panic a “band” when he wrote, “Panic! At The Disco will be no more,” although he did refer to the project with the plural “us” on multiple occasions. Semantics aside, after the news broke, fans couldn’t help but make different versions of the same joke, about the “band” being just Urie.

One fan, for example, repurposed an edited clip of Paul Rudd seemingly talking with a clone of himself on Hot Ones, captioning it, “Live footage of brendon urie breaking up panic! at the disco.”

Others took it in a different direction. One Twitter user wrote, “panic at the disco split up…you mean brendon urie experienced self-induced mitosis…” Another tweeted, “as brendon urie was the only member of the band i presume this means he’s been cut up into little pieces.”

Check out some more comedic takes on the end of Panic! At The Disco below.

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