It’s a Nightmare on Doublet Street

Doublet’s Fall/Winter 2023 show was pretty wild, to say the least. But it’s certainly not a shocker coming from the brand that sent decapitated models down the runway last season.

“If my neighbour was a werewolf. If mermaids lived in the pond. They might be called as ‘Monsters,'” Doublet’s FW23 press release read.

“Different from you. I’ve never met or seen before. Because they are unfamiliar. They probably don’t want to understand. Even if they are just frightened. Even if they are in human form.”

Sure, what Doublet said! For FW23, we witness Masayuki Ino turn its models into this just that: “monsters” in human form.

During the presentation, the music switched from a cheery county fair instrumental to hardcore rock and electro sounds as models began to aggressively speed walk on the runway in insane ‘fits.

Trompe l’oeil sweaters turned into terrifying panda masks when flipped upped on a model’s head. In the same breath, Doublet’s take on Freddy Kreuger’s infamous striped sweater emerges with extremely exaggerated sleeves.

Plush animal-head handbags, outlandish creature face masks, and Snuggie-style bear ensembles further play on Doublet’s obsession with wildlife – a recurring theme as seen in the label’s Suicoke collabs and in-house designs.

While one model looked like he was situated on a bear’s hind shoulders, another sported a full-fledge wooly suit with the purse to match (Bigfoot could never).

Some shredded Vans-style slip-ons, weird spiral scarves, I Heart D tops, and dirtied construction vests also hit Doublet’s runway, iterating the brand’s vision: “may we all be monsters.” Though, I’m not too sure about the fright in the erection of buildings and structures.

Perhaps Lady Gaga’s “You’re All My Little Monsters” would’ve been a more fitting score for this Doublet show.

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