Kid Cudi’s ‘Burrow’ Song Title Gets A Warm Approval From The Bengals Quarterback

Kid Cudi is preparing for the release of his next album Entergalactic, whose tracklist was just unveiled. The closing track is titled “Burrow,” a nod to Joe Burrow of the Cincinnati Bengals. As per a new tweet from Team Reporter Marisa Contipelli, the quarterback appreciated the gesture.

She wrote, “Kid Cudi texted Joe Burrow to let him know a song on his new album was named after him. Burrow smiled pretty big when telling us that.”

In a recent interview, Kid Cudi divulged that he’s going to be stepping back from his music projects to focus on other endeavors. “I think I’m going to take a step back from the Kid Cudi stuff and focus a lot more on developing my own things,” he told Popsugar. “Writing — whether it’s movies or TV shows — producing things, putting stuff together. Just really getting my production company [Mad Solar] up to a place where, in the next three or four years, we’re a household name. I really have goals. We’re off to a great start with the documentary, X, Pearl, and now, Entergalactic. I mean, we have four bangers so far, so I just want to see what else we can do and keep going.”