Van Buren Records Are Paving Their Own Way In Hip-Hop

Last time on Scenes, St. Petersburg hip-hop group Nü Age Syndicate kicked off the season with their refreshing sense of individuality and style. In this new episode, we’re featuring Van Buren Records, a Brockton, MA-based hip-hop entourage that have a lot to show the world.

“Van Buren Records is a brotherhood — a collective of thirteen strong, independent, hungry Black men from Massachusetts trying to make a way,” explained one member named Ricky Felix. “Confidence plays a big role.” Along with confidence, the group uses their connections with each other to their advantage, thriving together as a whole while simultaneously treasuring their individuality. Each of them has something to bring to the table, which was obvious on their 2021 debut album Bad For Press.

“There’s a lot of different personalities,” another member, Meech Bold, added. “Van Buren is deeper than rap and it’s just beautiful to be a part of that, as you can see.” Their chemistry is evident, and it definitely helps that they all make sure to prioritize artistic freedom above everything else. Each of them has clocked time in all sorts of different projects, but Van Buren is where they can come together and express themselves in a new, refreshing way.

Meet the Van Buren Records crew in the video above, and keep an eye out for future Scenes episodes.