John Legend’s Passionate ‘Wonder Woman’ Video Is A Heartwarming Tribute To His Wife Chrissy Teigen

It has been said that “behind every strong man is a woman,” yet often times the latter doesn’t get the full credit they deserve. John Legend and his wife Chrissy Teigen regularly love each other out loud, but his latest video for “Wonder Woman” may be one of the most heartwarming things he has ever done for her.

In the video, the R&B veteran stands shirtless in a room and stares through a window at Teigen through weeds. In later scenes, she is shown caring for their two children poolside while Legend looks at her and smiles.

Switching between his charming tenor and captivating falsetto, Legend sings “You make me wonder, woman, how do you do it? / Some superpower, I don’t understand / You make me wonder, woman, how do you do it? / You’re superhuman, and I’m just a man.”

In a world of toxic R&B and male hedonism, this type of reverence toward one’s partner is refreshing. It can be found on John Legend’s latest LP Legend, released this past Friday. The album features Saweetie, Rick Ross, Free Nationals, Amber Mark, and more.

Check out the video for “Wonder Woman” above.

Legend is out now via John Legend Music and Republic. Listen here.