Jay-Z’s Capitalist Comments On Twitter Had Fans Befuddled

Jay-Z’s rise from a young, aspiring rapper in the Marcy Projects of Brooklyn to a billionaire owner of multiple profitable companies is normally lauded by the hip-hop community and the world at large. However, some recent comments of his regarding the word capitalism and how it is used towards Black people have caused many to scratch their heads or flat out disagree with the 4:44 artist.

In a Twitter Spaces with journalist Rob Markman on Wednesday (August 31), Hov addressed critics who he feels are trying to downplay all he has accomplished. “Before it was the American Dream: ‘Pull yourself up by your bootstraps. You can make it in America.’ All these lies that America told us our whole life and then when we start getting it, they try to lock us out of it. They start inventing words like ‘capitalist.’ We’ve been called ‘n****rs’ and ‘monkeys’ and sh*t. I don’t care what words y’all come up with. Y’all gotta come with stronger words.”

While it is safe to assume he had good intentions, the execution and misunderstanding of capitalism did not go over well with fans. While many acknowledged his mindset and comments are misguided, other fans used this opportunity to make a statement about celebrities at large.

Check out some of the many reactions from fans above.