(For You)r Consideration: The Hottest TikTok Trends In Music This Week

(For You)r Consideration is a weekly column breaking down the rappers and singers doing it RIGHT on TikTok and the viral TikTok music trends and top songs taking over your FYP.

Any Big 4L members out there?

Lyrics from 21 Savage and Metro Boomin’s 2020 “Glock in My Lap” have resurfaced on TikTok to support the app’s latest low-effort trend. If there’s a question you’re constantly asked that baffles you, or if your stream of consciousness takes your brain from point a to z in the most chaotic way, this trend is for you. Creators are using the adlibs from the bar “Big 4L, I’m a member (Yeah) / Leave an opp cold, like December (What?)” to confirm and inquiry like a question about their favorite color or place of birth and then deny whatever wild assumption or thought comes next. Our favorite? A creator who loves ketchup but hates tomatoes. See below.

Russ Offers A Word of Advice

If there’s one person who’s got the independent game on lock, it’s Russ, who made over $10 million from his independent catalog. Now he’s using his following on TikTok to give out free game to unsigned artists. In a video posted on the app earlier this week, the “Best On Earth” rapper advises independent artists to ride the success of their viral songs before giving their IP to a major label. He elaborates on the financial opportunity for artists and the independence established by autonomously reaching a broad audience on social media. In May, Halsey mimicked Russ’s sentiment in a TikTok where she spoke on difficulties she’s having releasing new music to the public due to her label’s focus on creating viral moments on the app. Check out Russ’ TikTok below.



♬ original sound – RUSS

Nicki Says It’s Not That Serious

Throwback celebrity interview clips are consistently the heartbeat of the app, and this week an old Nicki Minaj video is front and center. We see a young Onika telling the camera that she’s not too cool, so say wassup, if you see her out and about. The illest creators on TikTok are using the sound to confirm that despite a chill demeanor or even what some may call “resting b*tch face,” they aren’t above a little small talk and kee. Watch the original video below!

“Work” Reworked

Typically Rihanna’s 2016 “Work” is thought of as a summer anthem, club banger, and one of the last singles we were gifted from the pop icon before she made a hard pivot into becoming a beauty entrepreneur. The first 5 seconds of the track have taken over the app for creators to express what would go down in some otherwordly scenarios. Ever wondered what would happen if Kanye West met Kannah East? Get it? Watch rappers like Lil Dicky and Lil Uzi Vert meet their match below.

Same Ole G

Unfortunately, Ginuwine is the butt of many jokes on the app this week. The R&B singer known for singles “In Those Jeans” and “Same Ol’ G” is also famous for sexy live performances during the ’90s and 2000s. Take a minute to revisit his grand entrance to perform “Pony” on 106 & Park here. And about 20 years later, Ginuwine’s lasting charisma and sex appeal are taking over your For You Page as creators mock and recreate a recent clip gif where the R&B legend dances like any 51-year-old would. Want to see Ginuwine bust a move while grocery shopping? Here’s your chance.


Ginuwine Goes grocery shopping

♬ Same Ole G – NieshaE♥️✨🎤