Frandie Exhibits Professionalism and Musicality With New Single  “Slowly”

Brooklyn born rapper and producer recently released a new single called “Slowly,” featuring promising talents A.Slay and N-amouR. The song exhibits Frandie’s musical skills and professionalism, bringing the self-taught musician to the limelight.

The talented recording artist reveals his writing process and explains that when he first started making music it was all about pouring in pain and heartache. Later, he evolved and took a more positive approach , appreciating the lighter and happier side of life! Written and produced by Frandie, “Slowly” reflects and portrays a more confident and fun side, capturing the “honeymoon phase” of a relationship.

Blending impeccable instrumental melodies with Hip-Hop and RnB, “Slowly” arouses excitement and hits the mark with its emotional touching lyrics: “Can we take it slowly?/ ‘Cause I don’t want you to go/ I swear that it’s been so long/ Since I felt like this ’bout someone/ Slowly/ Don’t wanna forget your touch/ There’s nobody here but us/ So baby there’s no need to rush.”

After parting ways with “Amistad” as their guitarist and lead singer, Frandie decided to launch a solo career. For the past couple of years, he has collaborated with US and Dominican artists like A.Slay, Stefon Charlot, Raj Tarantino, Ezttereo, Michy MC, Serranow, and more.

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