Mozzy Will Serve A One-Year Sentence After Turning Himself In For A Federal Gun Charge

Mozzy has been on quite a run over the last few years, both individually and as part of Yo Gotti’s CMG imprint. Unfortunately, the Sacramento rapper’s momentum will be coming to a halt as he turned himself in yesterday (July 28) and will serve a one-year sentence in prison for a federal gun charge.

The “Famous” artist was originally arrested during a traffic stop back in January 2021. The police then caught the scent of marijuana and went on to search the car, discovering a Glock 26, 16 rounds of 9mm ammunition, and marijuana. Mozzy was then taken in before posting his $35,000 bail.

The case was rejected by the District Attorney’s office and passed on to a local US Attorney. Mozzy was picked up by US Marshals in Las Vegas at an unrelated court appearance, upon which he and his wife split a $1 million appearance bond and he went free from his federal charge. Mozzy pled guilty this past January and aimed for just probation, which was denied. Prosecutors sought a 10-month sentence and drug counseling after he tested positive for marijuana while on pretrial release.

It is clearly an unfortunate series of events for Mozzy and he will now have to sit for a year.