Lady Gaga Has All-Caps Praise For Doja Cat’s Truly Awful (Intentionally So) Cover Of ‘Shallow’

Doja Cat is one of the best singers we have, as she has proven on successful hits like “Kiss Me More” and the No. 1 single “Say So.” What she has also shown, though, is that the instrument is a voice, and even if you have the finest one in the world, if you use it poorly, it’s going to sound bad.

During an Instagram Live broadcast yesterday, Doja took a minute to sing a cover of Lady Gaga’s “Shallow.” She turned in a truly horrendous rendition of the song, shrieking her way through the song on a couple different occasions. That was intentional and for comedic effect, of course, and Gaga herself got in on the joke, too: In the comments of a TikTok repost of the video, Gaga wrote, “LADY THATS A SERVE.”

This isn’t the only recent comedic, Gaga-adjacent moment: Last month, Leslie Jordan, one of Gaga’s co-stars in American Horror Story: Roanoke, spoke about how he thought Gaga was an extra the first time he met her on set. Meanwhile, Doja is fresh off a mini scandal: Stranger Things actor Noah Schnapp shared screenshots of a private conversation between him and Doja about Joseph Quinn, so Doja called him out and some didn’t like how Doja handled the whole situation.