Nathan Hubbard, The Former Ticketmaster CEO, Says Beyonce Has The Album Of The Year in ‘Renaissance’

These days, bold predictions and music releases go hand in hand. Bold predictions about music the world has yet to receive also go hand in hand, and heighten the excitement and anticipation for what has not yet been released. Now, is the prediction really that bold if it has to do with Beyonce? Well, take that up with Nathan Hubbard, the former Ticketmaster CEO, who is planting his “album of the year” flag firmly on the forthcoming Renaissance for 2022.

In a tweet yesterday, Hubbard said “I’ve heard enough. Album of the year:” and listed his choices in order. The Lemonade artist’s upcoming album coming July 29 was deemed the winner, followed by Kendrick Lamar for May’s Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers, The 1975 for their forthcoming October album Being Funny In A Foreign Language and Brent Faiyaz for his July release Wasteland.

In a follow-up tweet, he listed the number five but instead of offering a name or album, Hubbard simply said “Yes *she* is releasing something.” It is unclear who the mystery woman is, but clearly her project is good enough for Nathan Hubbard to also stamp her release as top five among a strong slate of music in 2022, both what has already been released or is set to come out.

As if anticipation isn’t already high enough for Queen Bee and The 1975, now, those who take Hubbard’s word at face value, will have a guessing game to play for another potentially groundbreaking 2022 album.

Check out Nathan Hubbard’s 2022 album rankings tweet above.