Desus & Mero Split Reportedly Due to Disagreement Over Management

First, the Fat Boys break up, then Desus & Mero break the hearts of their online Hive. In the middle of the past week, rumors floated online that Desus & Mero were heading for splitsville. That report would be confirmed by both Desus and the network for their show, SHOWTIME, but no reason was given.

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In a new report from Puck news, the break-up is connected to their longtime manager Victor Lopez, who Showtime asked to no longer come to filming or meetings due to his abusive demeanor. Lopez’s behavior was stated to have “included bullying, screaming, and generally making people on the show feel bad.”

Five sources with information spoke to Puke, revealing Lopez was asked not to return around the same time the Bodega Boys podcast wrapped up. Desus agreed with Showtime, but Mero believed he should remain loyal to Lopez.


Puck also stated the two participated separately in MLB All-Star Game activities they were booked for and did not interact. You can read the full report here.