Allan Franzner’s Revolutionary Rock All Over New Album Who Pays The Price?

Allan Franzner’s latest album Who Pays The Price? represents one of the most worthy sonic trips we’ve come across in a long while in rock music. 

The young artist’s revolutionary rock is as audacious as it is profound, and speaks volumes of the future awaiting him in music. In each of the 11 songs created by Franzner, his presence can be strongly felt, due to his remarkable performing and production skills. He invites the audience to join him on a quest to a world where justice and sustainability go hand in hand, while mostly emphasizing the need to reject the current world order.   

With carefully curated heavy riffs, fantastic solos, and distorted guitar patterns, Allan Franzner simply showed he can do it all better than everyone while remaining his authentic self all throughout the LP. 

“That Alien Too Could Be an Anchor” and “Clinging To The Great Machine,” are two of the stand-out tracks from the album, fusing alternative and heavy rock in an unpredictable way. 

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