Drake Partied To Some ‘Honestly, Nevermind’ Cuts At A Black Coffee Show In Ibiza

When Drake dropped his latest album, Honestly, Nevermind, more than a few of his longtime fans were thrown by what they (incorrectly) identified as “mall music.” But maybe the thing missing for those fans was the proper context — something fans got in when The Boy himself popped out during his collaborator Black Coffee’s concert in Ibiza, Spain to perform some selections from the controversial album. Black Coffee posted a few videos to his social media of Drake surprising fans mid-set, and let’s just say that those songs definitely work better in this context.

In one, Drake can be seen rubbing shoulders in the crowd, grooving to the infectious four-on-the-floor beats from “A Keeper,” while in the other, Drake joins Black Coffee on stage as “Massive” — one of the near-consensus faves from the new album — inspires some two-stepping (although many of the fans have their phones out to capture the moment the two stars embrace).

Drake has had something of an eventful week in Europe outside of music as well. On Friday, rumors circulated online that Drake had been arrested by Swedish authorities, with “Free Drake” trending on Twitter. And while that rumor was initially shot down, Drake himself did appear to confirm that he was at least temporarily detained, sharing a photo of a document from the Swedish National Police Board.