R&D Star Alice The G00N Releases New Single “Go”

Alice the G00N only started releasing music recently and the talented musician has already dropped three high-caliber tracks and her latest one is called “Go.” After the successes of “Who Do You Love?” and “Lucky,” Alice The G00N outdid herself again with “Go” as the single is full of vibrant melodies and catchy choruses. 

A lifelong singer, instrumentalist, producer and martial artist, when it comes to artistic expression, Alice The G00N can do it through many mediums. Her love for music began when she was a small child and she would write and sing songs to express herself. She says “I was never much of a conversationalist—but music came easily to me. Like shooting a bow from horseback, some things are just in your code.” 

One to look out for Alice the G00N is already making her mark on R&D with only three songs out and her newest one “Go” might just be her best yet! 

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