Meet Steve Edwards, The Singer-Songwriter Behind The Singles “Happysad” & “Born,” Both From New Album Born

New Zealand-native singer and songwriter Steve Edwards has recently re-launched his career with a myriad of singles that instantly appealed to the crowds. “Born” and “Happysad,” two of the singles from his new album titled Born, have particularly been massively streamed by thousands of new fans, even topping iTune charts in several countries. 

“Happysad” is a nostalgic song in which Steve Edwards describes the juxtaposition of two contrasting emotions; happiness and sadness, using his voice with incredible ups and downs to reflect it sonically. 

A recording artist, singer-songwriter, performer, but also as less people know a skilled guitarist, Steve Edwards first came back to music with the singles “Fallen,” and “Colour Of Blood” released in 2021. 

A fun fact about Steve Edwards is that he began his guitar learning and songwriting journey in India while traveling in the subcontinent over a decade ago.

His career has been shaped by a series of chance encounters, the latest being his life-changing meeting with genius producer and Bass player Bob Shepherd whom he met through a common friend. This collaboration was the cornerstone of Steve Edwards incredibly emotive and beautiful album Born, the first of many projects the pair have in store for us!

For those who enjoy live performances, make sure to check the live videos of “Born” and “Happysad”!

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