Lil Nas X Made A Fake BET Awards Commercial To Hilariously Promote His Upcoming Single

Lil Nas X has made it clear in recent weeks that he has beef with the BET Awards. At the top of June, Nas commented about how he received “an outstanding zero nominations again” for the 2022 ceremony, adding, “black excellence!” He later went on to use the snub as a launching point to discuss “the bigger problem of homophobia in the black community.”

That was a couple weeks ago now but Nas hasn’t forgotten about the BET Awards, as he proves with his latest hilarious promo for his upcoming single, “Late To The Party.”

Last night, Nas shared a video that’s presented like a traditional sort of television commercial spot for the BET Awards broadcast. The differences are easy to spot once you get past the glossy veneer, though, like how all the B-roll is of Nas, Nas can be heard saying “F*ck BET” repeatedly in the background, and how the date and time of the awards show shown here is actually when Nas is releasing “Late To The Party” (this Friday at midnight ET). The ad is so well-executed that if it actually aired on TV, a viewer who wasn’t paying close attention probably wouldn’t suspect anything about it was unusual.

On top of that, Nas shared the art for the new single and it features a license plate, front and center in the image, that reads, “F*CK BET.”

This all comes after Nas, the master of promotion that he is, got eyes on him and his antics by coming up with some hilarious fake company partnerships in the name of “Late To The Party.”

Check out the promo video above.