Who Would Win If Lizzo And Saweetie Faced Off In A Weird Food ‘Verzuz’ Battle?

Lizzo is back in a big way, and her “About Damn Time” single has already made its way to Saturday Night Live and other late night shows. But as the pop star continues to promote her latest album, Special, other topics are obviously getting brought into the mix as well.

On a recent appearance on Power 106 Los Angeles, Lizzo had a wide-ranging discussion with the hosts about her music, her new shapewear line, Yitty, and also, her sometimes crazy food habits. But that convo obviously led the hosts to bring up another woman in the industry who is well-known for her somewhat zany food choices — and that’s Saweetie. Right around the 30 minute mark the group gets into a convo about these two women and their strange palates, and who would win if the were to face off in a strange foods Verzuz battle.

“Saweetie be doing sh*t that’s like hmmm I might try that,” Lizzo said. “But I do sh*t that’s unthinkable. That makes people… yeah, it makes them gag.” So in Lizzo’s mind, yes, she would be winning that face off. But who knows what Saweetie’s response will be once she hears these fighting words. Check out the clip up top.