Tekashi 69 Says He Was Flexing With Fake Cash In Recent Videos After Receiving Several Lawsuits

Controversy magnet Tekashi 69 claims he’s been flexing with fake cash after receiving several lawsuits over missed shows and late payments. He’s currently on the hook for a handful of cases, including one for his involvement in a 2018 robbery, two for skipping on shows after being paid upfront, and one for an unpaid bill to his former security company. All told, he’s in a bad way — or at least, that’s what he wants the courts to think, telling a judge he’s “struggling to make ends meet” and may declare bankruptcy.

This is why it was odd to see him on his social media flexing stacks of cash as he strutted in his driveway in a video on Instagram, boasting, “This is really my lifestyle.” He also flashed armloads of jewelry and a fleet of sports cars.

However, on Monday, he seemed to have a completely different attitude during an appearance on TMZ Live. When asked about $1 million in restitution he owes in the robbery case, he replied, “I ain’t got it right now. I ain’t got it. And that was prop money. I ain’t got it.” He explained the video by noting, “I’m an entertainer and obviously, we talking about it, so I did a pretty good job at entertaining people… You know how you have a degree in law? I have a degree in entertainment.”

Be that as it may, he’ll need to find a way to turn that prop cash into the real thing if he wants to stay ahead of the repo man. Otherwise, he could end up in worse straits than the ones he found himself in when he was arrested for racketeering at the height of his success.