Police Used A Battering Ram To Enter ASAP Rocky’s Home To Serve A Search Warrant

Paging Joe Biden. As was previously reported earlier today, ASAP Rocky was arrested at LAX airport in connection with a November shooting. Rocky was coming off of a plane with Rihanna returning from a trip to her native Barbados. But what happened at ASAP Rocky’s home shortly thereafter is raising just as many eyebrows.

LAPD officers used a full-on battering ram to try to get into the security gate of the rapper’s house. They had a search warrant for the property in connection with the case and TMZ secured some crude video of the incident, as well as photos of boxes filled with papers being carried out of ASAP Rocky’s home. In the footage, a group of at least a half dozen cops stands in front of the gate and one of them bangs at it with a battering ram three times. When the strategy doesn’t appear to be working, another cop tries to pry it with what might be a crowbar and falls backward onto the ground when he realizes that it’s a pull-to-open gate and it swings open. [cue the circus music]

This seems like a fairly over-the-top way to serve a search warrant when you know that the owner of the home is already in custody. But this wouldn’t be the first time that police used excessive measures when it comes to an alleged crime involving a rapper. The victim of the shooting claims that ASAP Rocky opened fire on him last November three or four times and grazed his hand in the process.