Wack 100 Claims That Kim Kardashian Only Threatened To Sue Him To Promote Her New Reality Show

Earlier this year, Wack 100, who is the outspoken manager of The Game and Blueface, claimed that he was in possession of a “part two” sex tape between Kim Kardashian and Ray J. Wack 100, who is also Ray J’s former manager, claimed this tape was “more graphic and better than the first one,” but added that he would not give it to anyone besides Kanye West. The exchange was eventually made, as Kanye revealed in his interview with Jason Lee and his Hollywood Unlocked platform, and Kim later received the laptop. However, Kim later claimed that there was “nothing sexual” on the laptop.

Months after the whole ordeal, Wack 100 took a moment to address the incident and explain Kim’s reaction during a conversation on Clubhouse. “Now here go the sh*t I have a problem with,” Wack 100 said after going over the aforementioned events including the laptop exchange. “And I’ma say this, I love Ye but he’s been victimized too. So now that your new show is coming out, you’ve gotten so distracted with how you’re going to promote your sh*t because you really ain’t got nothing going on outside of the disrespect you’ve been directing to your husband with his kids. You know what you do? ‘We gon’ talk about the Black man again.’”

The show that Wack is referring to is Kardashian, the Hulu-based reality show that follows the day-to-day lives of the Kardashian family. In a now-deleted Instagram post, Wack 100 noted that Kim’s lawyers threatened a lawsuit against him if the alleged footage was released despite their previous claims that he was lying about the contents of the laptop.

You can listen to Wack 100’s story and view his deleted Instagram post above.