The 2022 Grammy Gift Bags Were Worth $49,000, With Items Like A Liposuction Voucher And A Toothbrush

The Grammys last night were full of surprises, from unexpected winners like Jon Batiste for Album Of The Year to awkward incidents like Olivia Rodrigo already dropping one of her awards. While Rodrigo could barely hold onto all of her trophies, there was so much backlash about Billie Eilish receiving none that her brother Finneas had to take to Twitter to tell fans that talking trash about winners is not acceptable or necessary.

Luckily for Eilish and other attendees who did not win any trophies, the good news is that they get a gift bag full of items with a total value of $49,000, according to Nexstar (via KTLA). The contents aren’t picked out for them, though; the celebrities check out the gift lounge and choose what they want from a table.

This year’s options are not what you’d expect, ranging from Botox to a Fauci book: a voucher for liposuction on your arm; popcorn that’s described as “flavor wrapped”; skincare products made from figs and tofu; $10,000 worth of Botox, fillers, and chemical peels; CBD sleep aids; an electric toothbrush; a trucker hat from a genderless fashion line; a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon wine and three bottles of Grey Goose vodka; three-course tasting meal for two at Kokomo Restaurant in New York; perfume made by Mastercard; kit to make whipped coffee; and a book about Dr. Anthony Fauci. A lot to unpack there!