Nicki Minaj Blasts A Twitter User Who Claimed She Was Too Grown To Be Partying With Fivio Foreign

At the end of last week, Nicki Minaj dropped off her third record of the year with “We Go Up” alongside Fivio Foreign. The record is one she previously previewed on Instagram Live while noting that it would not appear on her long-awaited fifth album. Despite this, Nicki still celebrated the song’s release and she joined Fivio and others to party the night away. While the night may have gone well, one person had a comment about Nicki’s outing and it eventually earned a response from Nicki herself.

In response to a video of Nicki at the party with Fivio and others, the Twitter user wrote, “I wish she’d move on from this lifestyle this isn’t you anymore Nicki.” She eventually caught wind of the comment and did not hold back on a response. “Tell me you don’t know anything about Nicki Minaj w/o telling me,” Nicki wrote. “Ppl rlly create their own perception of you then tell you not to be you. Girl eat sh*t. Thank you.” She added, “Out of all the 3 wishes a b*tch get a b*tch using 1 wish to tell me not to be who I’ve ALWAYS [f*cking] been.”

Nicki continued, “My whole AUTHENTIC come up is fully documented for the world to see. YouTube is free I think still. Y’all want me 2b some rich RNB singer/pop star so bad. (well not the smart ppl) they know my story. 1 thing u can never change is ur story. I can&will only be me. Take it or [leave].” Another person questions the first user’s intention between their tweets and Nicki wrote, “Other races can do it tho,” while adding in another tweet, “Ppl rlly make up an imaginary ‘you’ in their head. Sh*t wild.”

To conclude her message, Nicki wrote, “Can y’all please let me enjoy the moment? Please?”

You can view the original tweet and Nicki’s responses above.