Kid Cudi Shares The Adventurous ‘Stars In The Sky’ From The ‘Sonic The Hedgehog 2’ Soundtrack

Kid Cudi‘s on the soundtrack of the upcoming Sonic The Hedgehog sequel with his new song, “Stars In The Sky.” An upbeat, indie-rock-ish track, “Stars In The Sky” finds Kid Cudi singing optimistic lyrics reflecting the character’s love of freedom and adventure and the film’s theme of finding a home.

The single is just the latest part of a busy year for Cudi, who has a role in the A24 period-horror film X, while he’s also working on his multimedia project Entergalactic for Netflix, launching his live music app Encore, and acting in X costar Brittany Snow’s directorial debut, September 17.

As if all that weren’t enough, he’s plotting his own directorial debut with the film Teddy, which is co-produced by Jay-Z, Jeymes Samuel, and James Lassiter of Will Smith’s Overbrook Entertainment. In his announcement for the film on Instagram, Cudi expressed his excitement and encouraged fans to follow their own dreams.

“This year im directing my first feature film ‘Teddy’ at Netflix which I wrote and will also be starring,” he wrote. “This is a story I started writing in 2013 because I always wanted to write my own movie, so I said f*ck it and started doing it. The road has been long, from it being a tv show for years to finally being a film… I cant wait for u all to meet Teddy, his friends, his family and take a walk in his world for a bit. If I could sum up what the movie is about in one sentence, id say this: It’s as if I took the song ‘Pursuit of Happiness’ and wrote a movie about it.”

Watch Kid Cudi’s “Stars In The Sky” video above.