Doja Cat Says She’s Quitting Music: ‘I’m A F*cking Fool For Ever Thinking I Was Made For This’

Last year, Planet Her star Doja Cat ranted on Instagram Live about the pressures of being an artist. “I don’t want to take f*ckin’ pictures,” she said. “I feel pressured to do sh*t like that. I don’t want to do that. I want to be home. I wanna make music. I wanna play f*ckin’ video games.” Many celebrities will attest to the hardships that come with being catapulted into instant, overwhelming fame and the way that that new status impacts their ability to make art.

Doja’s resentment of her own fame seemed to reach an all-time high last night when she engaged in a Twitter fight with fans from Paraguay who were angry with her for not sharing photos or videos from her time in that country. In the replies, she wrote, “it’s gone and i don’t give a f*ck anymore i f*ckin quit i can’t wait to f*cking disappear and i don’t need you to believe in me anymore. Everything is dead to me, music is dead, and i’m a f*cking fool for ever thinking i was made for this this is a f*cking nightmare unfollow me.”

Then, she changed her name on Twitter to “i quit,” and took the conversation out of the replies and tweeted: “This sh*t ain’t for me so I’m out. Y’all take care.”

As of this post, Doja tweeted that nine hours ago and hasn’t shared any sort of follow-up since, so that may be her last tweet for a while.