Obongjayar’s Dynamic Voice Shines On The Afrobeats Jam ‘Tinko Tinko (Don’t Play Me For A Fool)’

A dynamic lyricist whose style is forged in afrobeats and hip-hop, Obongjayar is gearing up for the May 13th release of his debut album, Some Nights I Dream Of Doors. The Nigerian-born Londoner came on strong in 2021 on Little Simz’s “Point And Kill” and Pa Salieu’s “Style & Fashion,” but as 2022 got underway, it’s been all about his singular talents and his upcoming solo release.

The breakneck-paced “Message In A Hammer” dropped in late 2021, and had one of the nuttiest, must-watch videos of the year. Now on “Tinko Tinko (Don’t Play Me For A Fool),” Obongjayar shows another side to his dynamic toolshed. An afrobeats cut at its core, it’s the sultry, breathy verses that flash his mighty voice. He’s an approachable lyricist and, who’s quickly coming into his own.

He shared some thoughts on the purpose and inspiration behind Some Nights I Dream Of Doors:

“This album dives into the idea of opportunity and tries to explore what that means, what lies behind those doors, and asks if we’re ready for it. The pursuit of success, what happens when you achieve it, and what happens if you don’t? What does success mean? The head, the body, and the end of a dream. Opportunity is looking forward, and in that lies the question of time. What is your place in it? To know the future, or to fully be aware of your present, you need to analyze and understand your past. It’s an endless loop that continuously piles on itself”

Watch the video for “Tinko Tinko (Don’t Play Me For A Fool)” above.

Some Nights I Dream Of Doors is out 5/13 via September Recordings. Pre-order it here.