Kanye West’s Former Artist GLC Defends Him From ‘Disheartening’ Recent Coverage

For as many people like Trevor Noah and the Grammy producers who are concerned about Kanye West’s recent troubling behavior, there are others around him even more heavily invested in defending him from the criticism he’s been receiving lately, such as The Game. One of the latter is Chicago rapper GLC, who appeared on Kanye’s first two albums and was one of his closest associates at the start of his career. Like Kanye and Game, GLC posted his defense of the embattled producer on Instagram in the caption of a photo of Ye with his four children.

“@kanyewest is the ultimate father,” he wrote. “He fights for the betterment of his children. I understand that we all have our vices & issues but would you like a dude in & out the rehab in the midst of your children? He aims to have his kids at church & form a relationship with God. He doesn’t want his little girl on social media with make-up on, singing about how she’s in love with an emo girl… The way he is being portrayed in the media is disheartening on many levels especially when it comes to our own people aiming to bring him down. It makes me wonder would the headlines read the same if he wasn’t a Black Man in America?”

Well, yeah, probably. The thing is, Kanye seems to be mostly expressing those sorts of doubts to deflect from the very problematic behavior he’s been exhibiting lately — a lot longer than just the past few months when he ramped up attacks on his ex-wife’s new boyfriend. He continues to lash out at anyone who seems to want to help him, and he paints any consequences of his own actions — such as getting suspended by Instagram — as persecution enacted on a supposedly free thinker who is mostly just regurgitating red-pill, right-wing talking points. It sounds like what Kanye, GLC, and the rest of Kanye’s yes-men really want is free reign for him to do and say whatever he wants — no matter how much potential harm it might be doing to his kids, who probably wouldn’t enjoy most of this media scrutiny either.