Coi Leray Says She Recorded Her Video For ‘Blick Blick’ With Nicki Minaj While Dealing With A Knee Injury

For her latest move in 2022, Coi Leray called one of rap’s most popular acts to stand beside her for a new song. She and Nicki Minaj joined forces for their “Blick Blick” track and it came complete with a new video. The colorful visual displayed the two rappers armed with some heavy artillery as they laid off rap that fired shots at their competition. The track could line up to be the biggest release of Leray’s career and it’s one she deserves as she’s spent the last few years working her way up to having one of today’s most promising rap careers.

In a tweet that reflected on the release of “Blick Blick,” Leray shared a surprising tidbit about the song’s video. “I did all that Dancing on a fracture knee,” she wrote in the post. “I gotta get a minor surgery on it but I do physical therapy to maintain it for now. I wanted to go 10x harder with the choreo but it looks so good for a fractured patella.”

To celebrate the new single and her first-ever collaboration with Minaj, Leray got a tattoo of a pink Barbie doll head — which is in reference to Minaj’s Barbz fanbase — and the date “3.18.22.” ” I wish that I can have this moment for life,” Leray wrote on Instagram. “This moment is stuck with me 4EVER !”

You can view Leray’s tweet about her injury in the post above.