Nancy Pelosi Read A Poem About Ukraine And St. Patrick’s Day That She Said Bono Texted To Her, Which Prompted Many Jokes

Earlier today, Speaker Of The House Nancy Pelosi declared that at today’s Annual Friends Of Ireland Luncheon, she would be reading “reading a poem written by Bono about Ukraine.”

Initially, Dan Evon of Snopes speculated Pelosi meant she would be reading a poem by Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko, which U2 shared on Twitter earlier this month. That proved not to be the case, though, as the publication confirmed with Pelosi’s spokesperson that the Speaker did actually plan to read a new poem penned by the U2 singer. Now, that reading has taken place and Twitter users have plenty of hilarious thoughts about it.

Pelosi noted the Irish musician and philanthropist sent her the poem this morning and it references St. Patrick’s Day and the ongoing situation in Ukraine. The poem concludes, “Ireland’s sorrow and pain / is now the Ukraine / and St. Patrick’s name now Zelenskyy.”

After the reading, Bono became a trending topic on Twitter as users came in hot with jokes. One wrote, “Just to let the Russians know, if the Bono poem doesn’t work, we’ve got a celebrity rendition of Imagine over Zoom that we can roll out.” Another quipped, “Between Bono’s poem and the TikTok dancers, Putin is toast.”

Some users even speculated what they thought the poem would be:

Check out some more reactions below.