Kanye West Demands An Apology From The Whole Kardashian Family, Only To Delete It Moments Later

The saga of Kanye West’s feud against his ex-wife’s family continued as Kanye posted a demand for a public apology from the Kardashians over allegedly not being told where his daughter Chicago’s birthday party was being held. He’s been fuming about this for a few weeks now, but today, he vented his frustration on Instagram, writing, “I still need a public apology from the entire family for this. You [give] everything you got to someone then they try to bully you and then say they won’t apologize. It’s up till they all take accountability. Every woman there including Cory [Gamble, Kris Jenner’s boyfriend].”

In addition to the caption, Kanye attached a screenshot of a text conversation, presumably one of the Kardashians or Jenners, in which he wrote, “I still need an apology for you not giving me the address to my daughter’s party.” Per Buzzfeed, he not only tagged several members of the extended family but also accounts such as Barack Obama’s, The Ellen DeGeneres Show‘s, Hillary Clinton’s, Jeff Bezos’, and Kamala Harris’. Kanye then deleted the post moments later.

The latest round in the tiff was sparked over Kanye’s complaint that Kim and their daughter North have a shared TikTok account from which they post trivial content like them dancing to trends or North savagely roasting her mom. However, when Kim noted her belief that Kanye’s online attacks would be more harmful to their daughter than allowing her to wear makeup and post videos online, Kanye ramped up his own campaign, accusing her of putting a hit on him and that she wouldn’t allow him to take their kids to a basketball game in his hometown.

Kanye’s behavior has drawn mixed reactions from social media personalities like Candace Owens, who defended his stance against TikTok, and Azealia Banks, who railed against him and the people “making excuses” for his behavior.