Julia Fox’s Shock Made Kanye Realize How Epic The Stylist Sourcing Those Birkins Was

We all know the story of Kanye West gifting not just his new girlfriend Julia Fox a Birkin for her birthday, but also gifting several more to her friends. That’s a grand gesture if I’ve ever heard of one, and like most epic shopping stunts, it took a professional to pull it off. Anyone with even a slight familiarity with Birkins knows they’re hard to come by, especially the rare ones, so style reporters immediately wanted to know the story behind the bags. Complex Style editor Aria Hughes tracked down Michelle Lovelace, aka Style By Meech and @meechthestylist on Instagram and got the story of her birthday Birkin quest.

Meech was having a tough year already due to Instagram shutting down her account with 100K+ followers, and imposters immediately trying to take over her name afterward. As she was trying to face down the monster task of starting over from scratch, a call from Kanye turned her 2022 around fast. Working at lightning speed to source and vet the rare Birkins that Kanye wanted in just a matter of four days, Meech told Hughes that she flew to several different states to retrieve the bags herself (!) and then personally delivered them to Kanye in New York. But after she lined them up, at first Ye didn’t realize how much work went into Meech’s delivery.

“I lined them up and he was basically like, ‘Cool. Thanks,’” she told Complex. “But then later we were in the lobby with Julia and his assistant was like this is who got the bags, and Julia was like, ‘Oh my God, how did you make this happen? I know these bags are so hard to get.’ And then Kanye looks at me and is like, ‘Wait. These are hard to get and I just dismissed you like that?’ And I was like ‘Yeah.’ And he just gave me a big bear hug. I was freaking out. I was like ‘Oh my God. Kanye just hugged me.’”

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