SOURCE SPORTS: Peyton Manning Caught Cursing On a Hot Mic During Monday Night’s NFC Wild Card Game Broadcast

Peyton Manning got caught on a hot mic during the finale “ManningCast” broadcast of the NFC Wild Card game between the Los Angeles Rams and Arizona Cardinals.

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Following Matthew Stafford’s touchdown pass to Odell Beckham Jr. in the first quarter for the Rams to take the early lead, Eli Manning tossed it to Peyton to break down the touchdown, but unfortunately, the Hall of Famer couldn’t hear anything and had a slip-up.

“I can’t hear s—,” Peyton Manning blurted.


Eli was forced to try to kill time with Larry Fitzgerald while Peyton got his setup back. Peyton would later apologize for cursing.

“I got so excited on that fade to Odell, my mic busted,” Peyton Manning said.

The “ManningCast” of Monday Night Football has been met with a ton of praise. Hopefully, ESPN will run it back with Peyton and Eli next season. On-screen, they’re golden.