Jason Derulo Got In A Bloody Fight With Two Guys After They Called Him Usher

While fame is something many aspire to, not everything that comes with the territory is appealing. That was on display last night, as Jason Derulo found himself being accosted by a couple of instigators at a Las Vegas hotel, who created a situation that turned violent.

A video obtained by TMZ shows the entertainer coming down an escalator accompanied by somebody who appears to be a bodyguard. As he leaves the room, a man shouts, “Hey Usher! F*ck you, b*tch!” Immediately after that, Derulo charged two men and attacked them.

TMZ reports that according to law enforcement sources, police were called to Las Vegas’ Aria hotel early Tuesday morning following the incident. Eyewitnesses told the publication Derulo punched the guy who swore at him in the face and slapped a second guy shortly after. As The Guardian notes, police say Derulo “committed a battery against two individuals.”

While the fight got a bit bloody, none of the injuries sustained required hospital visits. Meanwhile, Derulo got a trespassing notice from the hotel and was removed from the premises (in handcuffs, per The Guardian). Neither man wanted to press charges, but as TMZ notes, “there’s always the possibility of a lawsuit.”