Chance The Rapper Performed A Rocking Country Remix Of Nelly’s ‘Hot In Herre’

Jimmy Fallon’s got a new game show called That’s My Jam coming to NBC, and in a sneak preview last night, audiences got a glimpse of what’s in store when the show airs beginning next week/year. The show, which is inspired in part by comedy bits from Fallon’s version of The Tonight Show, pairs celebrity teams to compete in musical challenges from the previous show such as “Mixtape Medley Showdown,” “Slay It, Don’t Spray It,” and “Wheel of Musical Impressions.” (Remember Drop The Mic and Lip Sync Battle? Shows like this always have viral promise.)

In the sneak peek, the teams consist of Alessia Cara partnered with Josh Groban and Chance The Rapper paired with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, so the stage is already set for some hilarious shenanigans. Competing in a Musical Genre Challenge after Chance pulls the lever on a massive video screen, he spins the wheel again and ends up with Country Rock as the genre for a remix of hip-hop staple, Nelly’s “Hot In Herre.”

As the band strikes up a suitable instrumental, Chance gets really into character, affecting an Elvis-inspired “country” voice (which he even uses on the ad-libs!) and goes for broke to the delight of the studio audience, his fellow competitors, and of course, the host, who sings along with that signature Jimmy Fallon grin plastered across his face. Watch the hilarious clip above.