Future Is The First Musician To Reach 10 Million SoundCloud Followers

In the debate sparked over a potential Verzuz with Jay-Z, Future agreed with many of his listeners in Atlanta that he could successfully take on Hov in a battle of their hit songs. While that may or may not be true, Future definitely has the fanbase numbers behind his claims — but that’s probably because he’s much more active on social media than Jay-Z. Not only does the rapper boast over 18 million followers on Instagram (while Jay-Z recently deleted his own account), he’s just become the first artist to reach 10 million followers on SoundCloud.

Future’s SoundCloud page just hit the major follower milestone, which is very impressive seeing as the rapper hasn’t dropped a project since his 2020 Lil Uzi Vert collaborative album Pluto x Baby Pluto. While Future may have just reached 10 million followers on the music streaming service, the rapper has actually been one of SoundCloud’s top-followed artists for a while. Big Sean follows closely behind Future’s numbers with 9.5 million followers.

Future saw the news of his SoundCloud milestone on Instagram and re-shared his achievement while adding a few emojis for good measure.

Future SoundCloud

SoundCloud isn’t the only streaming service the rapper has dominated on. On Spotify, Future has racked up just over 10 million followers — 10.9 million to be exact — and boasts over 31.7 monthly listeners on the platform.