Cardi B Calls Lil Kim A ‘Real F*cking Legend’ And Defends Her Amid Cyber Bullying

There’s a certain tendency online for hateful commentators to bash on the elders in the music world, and it’s something that’s always irked Cardi B. As a female rapper herself, Cardi has faced the kind of constant criticism and endless nitpicking that many other celebrities have endured, but there’s one person she will always defend from it — and that’s Lil Kim. When “WAP” came out and Cardi and Megan Thee Stallion were relentlessly attacked, Cardi admitted it shocked her because she grew up on raunchy rap like the music Kim used to make, and Kim has noted in the past that she’d love to remake “Ladies Night” with Cardi involved.

And the mutual respect between the two is probably why Cardi took it upon herself to defend Lil Kim from the latest round of cyber bullying that Kim is facing. In a series of tweets last night, Cardi let her fans know that she thinks the constant abuse Kim faces as a “real f*cking legend” is heartbreaking.

When commenters brought up Cardi collaborating with Kim — as if that would somehow stop the other internet bullying — and Cardi assured everyone that when the time is right, her collaboration with Kim will come.

So there you have it Kim — Cardi’s always got your back.