Young Thug Proclaims That He’s ‘Never Written A Lyric’ In His Career

Young Thug is by far one of hip-hop’s most unique artists and he’s been that way since his mainstream emergence nearly a decade ago. More recently, an example of this can be found through his chart-topping second album Punk, which at times pushed the wide boundaries of his own artistry. All in all, it served as another example of what makes the Atlanta rapper stand out, and during a recent interview with i-D, Thug made a declaration that further speaks to his uniqueness.

During the sit-down with i-D, Thug revealed that he doesn’t write down his lyrics when creating songs. “I’ve never written a lyric. Ever,” he said. “I really haven’t. I kind of just freestyle. I just go with it as it comes. I never really wrote anything down. I’m not patient enough to sit and write. It just takes a lot of my day.” However, just like most rules, Thug has an exception for this.

“Only time I’ve had the time to write lyrics down is when I’ve been incarcerated,” Thug said. “Even if I just have to go to jail for a day or something. I don’t like writing and that’s the only way I can write; if I just got time on my hands and there’s nothing in the world I could do.”

You can read Thug’s full interview with i-D here.

Young Thug is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.