SOURCE SPORTS: Here Is Why Steph Curry’s Three-Point Record Will Never Be Broken

Steph Curry has become the three-point shooting kingpin after breaking Ray Allen’s record of three-pointers made. Curry broke the record in nearly half the time it took Allen to set it back in 2009.

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Curry could one day find himself on the list of unbreakable sports records like  Joe DiMaggio’s 56-game hit streak and Cal Ripken’s 2,632 consecutive games played. Here are some reasons why Curry’s record will never be broken.

Curry Is The Greatest Shooter In The League Has Ever Seen


Curry makes shooting threes look so easy. His range seems unlimited. The gap between Curry and the next great shooter is extremely large. Curry is still in his prime. He is only 32 with many years left in the tank. Allen’s record stood at 2,973, Curry could easily reach 5,000 and make his new record unreachable to others.

When Curry’s career is all set and done, his three-pointers made will be the greatest NBA record every present and future player will attempt to break.