Matuê Flies Above All In New Hit “QUER VOAR”

Brazilian trap star and Sony music artist Matuê is heard flying above us all in his latest track, the hit single titled “Quer Voar,” which means ‘want to fly,’ in Portuguese. The music video dropped with the song has been viewed around 80M times and has been breaking several records including Best Brazilian Album debut with 4.7M streams in 24 hours.

Brazil’s leading trap figure is now becoming an International star, with an ongoing tour in North America. His latest album, “Máquina do Tempo,” and the Spotify documentary about the Brazilian Trap music scene, have both achieved enormous successes thanks to the artist’s prodigious skills. 

Matuê’s ambitious mindset combined with a defying spirit and a surreal talent are just some of the reasons explaining his rise in music and entertainment.