Ye Has Once Again Cleared His Social Media For As-Yet-Unknown Reasons

It’s almost always fun when high-profile recording artists clear their social media because it usually means a new project is on the way. However, in the case of the artist formerly known as Kanye West, it’s more bemusing than anything else. For one thing, he just dropped a new album, Donda, which received a mixed response from critics and fans, and for another, this is something he does with some degree of regularity for reasons that make sense to him alone (and maybe not even him, if we’re being honest).

As of this writing, Ye’s profile picture on Instagram is simply an empty black field and there are no photos on the grid at all. Meanwhile, on his Twitter, every tweet for the last 12 months has been deleted. His most recent tweets are all from his controversial failed presidential campaign last November, with a sizable number of his tweets from before that cleared out as well. Ominously, most of the remaining posts pertain to his campaign, and it’s probably telling that the first one that appears is his “concession” tweet from the last election that reads “Kanye 2024.”

While we were spared from such a thing mainly due to Ye’s haphazard, slapdash approach to the campaign, his latest social media reset could imply that he’s taking the next effort much more seriously this time around — which could both be good and bad, for any number of reasons. However, it could also be a response to the recent death of his friend and collaborator Virgil Abloh, who passed away on Sunday after a two-year battle with cancer. Either way, we hope Ye uses the reset wisely an makes more responsible use of his social media platforms in the future.