CJ the DJ and Blackjack “The Don” Team Up With Jhonni Blaze On “Special To Me”

Atlanta-based artists CJ the DJ and Blackjack “The Don” have teamed-up with Jhonni Blaze on their latest single titled “Special To Me.”  This fun track is a perfect follow-up to their previously released songs “Clear The Smoke”and “Turn The Lights Off.” 

CJ the DJ and Blackjack “The Don” are Atlanta-based young musicians and singers. Their special chemistry has given birth to an outstanding single, blending smoothness and liveliness with grace and skill. 

They both developed a passion for music from a very young age, and were introduced to each other during their school years through a common friend. They have since been making incredible music. 

Empowering listeners to become the best versions of themselves, the talented duo is clearly reaching new levels with “Special To Me.”