A Picture Of Kyle Guy Made Jack Harlow And A Bunch Of Fans Wonder If He Played For The Cavaliers

The Cleveland Cavaliers wrapped up their preseason on Friday night against the Indiana Pacers. In a game where both coaches found it paramount to get as many dudes playing time as possible in the lead-up to the regular season, the Cavs came out on top against their division rivals, 110-94. Now, Cleveland can kick its collective feet up ahead of the start of the season.

A fun happened in the aftermath of the win, though. The Cavs’ social media team thought it’d be fun to use a random picture of Kyle Guy in its postgame graphic on Twitter, which, why not, ya know? Here is that:

Again, this is Kyle Guy, a professional basketball player who won a national championship at the University of Virginia and spent the first few years of his NBA career with the Sacramento Kings. It is not Jack Harlow, although plenty of folks wondered if it was.

Among those who thought this was a picture of Jack Harlow playing for the Cavaliers was the man himself.

In fairness to, well, everyone, Guy and Harlow look extremely similar — the former also had some fun with this by retweeting the latter’s post. Guy had five points in 10 minutes of work off the bench for the Cavaliers on Friday night, while Harlow, I presume, did something else.