Billy Porter Reveals Sexual Abuse As A Child Was Confusing And Nurturing

In a new interview with People Magazine, actor Billy Porter has opened up about the sexual abuse he suffered as a child at the hands of his stepfather.
The actor and singer, who holds an Emmy, Grammy, and Tony awards shares how the awful events still affect him today.

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Porter revealed that his stepfather began abusing him after they spoke about the birds and the bees. He began to abuse Porter at least twice a week for five years.

“As a child, I became a grown man. In my mind, I lived that experience as if it was an affair. Because it was loving, it was nurturing, it was confusing. ‘Cause it was touch. It was what I needed; it was the illusion of care, of a big, strong man caring for me. Still, to this day, I’m not okay.”


For many years this was a conversation the black community has not been ready to discuss. Many girls and boys are often abused by someone close to them.We salute Billy Porter for his bravery while sharing his testimony.