SOURCE SPORTS: Magic’s Jonathan Isaac Explains In Great Detail Why He Isn’t Vaccinated

Jonathan Isaac is among the approximately 10 percent of NBA players who have not received the COVID-19 vaccine. The Orlando Magic big man answered questions on Monday about why he isn’t vaccinated. Isaac gave a thoughtful answer, sharing that he had COVID-19 already and feels he has natural immunity that offers him protection against the virus in the future. He also expressed that he feels individuals should be allowed to choose what medications they want to put in their bodies, free of judgment and bullying by many.

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Isaac makes an astute point that the heavy-handedness of people who support the vaccine can further alienate people who aren’t vaccinated. It’s impressive Isaac recognized that affecting himself.

Isaac is also correct: The NBA’s policies are inconsistent as far as preventing the spread of coronavirus. Playing basketball maskless, breathing heavily near other players for an extended time is not significantly safer than riding on a plane or eating with a teammate.


Isaac is in his right not to be vaccinated. While the league has encouraged players to be vaccinated, it’s not a league-wide mandate.