Netflix Details ‘Tiger King 2’ as “More Madness and Mayhem”

Tiger King, the wild story of Joe Exotic that took over Netflix and Twitter during the COVID-19 pandemic, is getting ready for a sequel. Netflix has announced Tiger King 2, a documentary that will arrive on the streamer later this year.

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According to Variety, Tiger King 2 is set to deliver “more madness and mayhem.” The release will retain original directors, Eric Goode and Rebecca Chaiklin. Executive Producers Chris Smith and Fisher Stevens will also return. The new release shows Carole Baskin, Jeff Lowe and Joe Exotic phoning in from jail.

“Whether you want to dive into the psyche of a con artist, empathize with the victims of a scam, or piece together the puzzle of an investigation, these wild stories are often full of surprising twists and unusual perspectives,” Netflix Documentary VPs Adam Del Deo and Lisa Nishimura said in a press release.


In May, Joe Exotic, the Tiger King, didn’t receive a pardon from President Trump upon his exit but he was asking for President Biden and Vice President Harris for help citing needing treatment for prostate cancer.

According to TMZ, Tiger King’s lawyer, John M. Phillips, will have testing in prison but that will not halt the want to get a new trial.

“I have lost a tremendous amount of weight, the mouth sores are out of control, I throw up more than I eat,” Exotic said. “I don’t want anyone’s pity, what I need is when John Phillips gets the evidence he is working on, I need the world to help him get President Biden, VP Harris and the Attorney General to listen to the evidence.”

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