Finding Chase Releases A New Single “Can’t Stop” And We Can’t Stop Listening To It

American singer-songwriter Finding Chase dropped a brand new single called “Can’t Stop,” providing his fans with an opportunity to vibe to this hard-rock work of art! If you are looking for a track to both cheer you up and give you a tremendous amount of energy, trust our word: you need to add this song to your playlist immediately! 

After blessing his listeners with an already-successful song “Butterflies,” this time, the artist exceeded all expectations and created a masterpiece that is all about drive, positive impulses, intensity, and power. 

Finding Chase went through a very interesting journey before he made a final decision of pursuing a music career regardless of everything. By having a background in a variety of spheres such as songwriting and audioengineering, the artist does a spectacular job at mixing genres and sounds, putting all of his experience and expertise into his work. From hard rock to rap, this emerging star is full of enthusiasm and determination, producing and writing tracks that perfectly combine a high-quality production, deep and hard-hitting lyrics, and energetic sound effects. 

Speaking about the variety of styles that his music consists of, the artist himself mentions: “Some days I feel like screaming, sometimes I want to party hard, and on  other days I want to create a serenade. Why should one limit themselves to one thing, when they can do a bunch of different things?” This is exactly what a perfect life motto should look like: no restrictions, no boundaries. One should always be free and open to experimenting.