Lil Durk Promises To No Longer Mention Dead Rappers In His Songs

Lil Durk has faced a lot of turmoil in his career, especially in recent months. Last November, the Chicago native suffered the loss of rapper and close friend King Von who he affectionately referred to as “twin.” Months later, death would once again affect the rapper as his brother, DThang, was shot and killed outside a club in their hometown. While Durk was not directly involved in these situations, the rapper is taking steps to avoid conflict in the future as a result of his music.

The rapper took to Twitter to share an announcement with fans on Thursday.

“I’m not mentioning the dead in my songs no more or performing songs with they name in it,” he wrote before signing off on the message as Big Smurk. It arrives two days after Durk shared a couple of tweets that reflected on the people he recently lost in his life. “Why every time somebody die they love you but when you here they don’t care …… love me now not later,” he wrote in the first post. In a second tweet, he added, “Von left us Dthang left us and I was lost.”

His messages come after Durk and his girlfriend, India Cox, reportedly exchanged gunfire with an unspecified amount of individuals who broke into their Atlanta home. While Durk and Cox were listed as victims on a police report for the incident, neither were injured in the matter.

You can read his tweets in the posts above.