The Weeknd’s Upcoming Video For ‘Take My Breath’ Was Pulled From IMAX Theaters Due To Epilepsy Concerns

It’s been a year and a half since After Hours, The Weeknd’s last album, but there’s another en route. Last spring he started teasing his follow-up, writing on Twitter that he “made so much magic in the small quarantined room.” This past week, he announced that his new single, “Take My Breath,” would arrive on August 6. However, a planned preview of the track had to be scotched.

The video for the song was slated to premiere in IMAX theaters this week prior to screenings of The Suicide Squad. However, according to Variety and TMZ, it’s been pulled due to epilepsy concerns, as it features scenes with intense strobe lighting. Despite this, “Take My Breath” and its official video will still arrive as scheduled this Friday, August 6, albeit not on giant IMAX movie screens.

In a GQ profile that was released earlier this week, The Weeknd shared what listeners can expect on the new album. “The music hit the studio like a Mack truck,” he declared. “The new project is packed with party records. Like real-deal, illuminated-white-tiles-on-the-floor party records. Quincy Jones meets Giorgio Moroder meets the best-night-of-your-fucking-life party records. Not anachronistic disco stuff.” He added, “That sort of retro thing is having a moment right now in pop music, but these records are new.”