Antonio Blue’s Voice Is Shining Through “Nigerian Royalty”

Antonio Blue’s perfectly combined lyrics and melodies are on top tier on his new track “Nigerian Royalty.” This new sonic gem is the perfect addition to his musical portfolio, as the artist blasts his talents through the roof.

His unique adventure-like track is packed with the right doses and elements, to transfer his mood to the dot.

“Nigerian Royalty” is well mixed and a captivating song marked with rhythmic lines. His mesmerizing vocals are adding a level of mystery and intrigue. He spews hot lyrics smoothed with infectious tunes. This song is an authentic portrayal of his capabilities and skills, that shines through the words.

He is crowned as the hit voice of Africa, because of his divinely infused ballads.

Antonio Blue has also revealed his charm as a podcaster. Follow his podcasts on Youtube, for hours of entertainment.