Singer/Songwriter Sofia Valdés On What Travel Means To Her

A great adventure story? We’re sorry, but it just never begins on your couch. Yet, that’s where most of us have been stuck for more than a year, putting plans on hold and leaving us to dream about safe and smart travel when normal comes back around. Maybe that means reconnecting with family and friends or touching down in locales in the US and abroad that populate your personal bucket list and feed your sense of adventure.

For singer/songwriter Sofia Valdés, it’s those things and a chance to stoke creativity through the achingly missed act of meeting people as you explore their home cities and countries learning just a little bit about them in the process of being inspired. As Valdés says in the first episode of our new Creator Connections video series (made in partnership with Delta Air Lines), “There’s something magical about being able to find a home in people, so wherever you are, you feel at home.”

That’s the power of travel and exploration, essentially — a charge that comes from new experiences, new cultures, new destinations, new people, and a new perspective that promotes a larger, more informed view of the world. Even if you’re going somewhere familiar or just looking to relax, it’s going to change you for the better. Because it’s still a connection (to people, places, and things), and it’s what we’ve all been missing most.

Check out Sofia’s story (above) to learn more about how she finds a home and a community wherever she travels and how Delta is helping her reconnect with her career and musical life in this episode of Creator Connections.